Competitors are competing at their own free will

An entry fee of £10 per competitor to be paid online prior to entry – this permits entry to the venue and a athlete pass to wear in the venue but doe NOT allocate you a seat, if you require one you need to purchase one

A closing date for entries is one week prior to show date is suggested so that any doubtful applicants can be checked

Competitors maybe permitted to enter on the day but it will be to the digression of the organisers and in keeping with any venue and/or health and safety rules

Under 20 years of age
(proof of age required – Driving Licence or Passport)

Under 23
Under 23 years of age
(proof of age required – Driving Licence or Passport)

Up to 80kg / Over 80kg

Over 40’s
Over 40 years of age
(proof of age required – Driving Licence or Passport)

Over 50’s
Over 50 years of age
(proof of age required – Driving Licence or Passport)

Under 173cm (+ 4kg)
Over 173cm (+ 6kg)

Mens Open Classes
Mr Short – Up to 171cm
Mr Medium – From 171cm to 179cm
Mr Tall – Over 179cm

Womens Open Classes
Trained Figure – Under 35 / 35 and Over
Physique –
Bikini –

How to work out your restriction weight for Athletic class.

Under 173cm Example;
If your 168cm tall. The calculation would be (168 – 100 + 4 = 72). So your maximum weight is 72kg.

Over 173cm Example;
If you are 180cm tall. The calculation would be (180 – 100 + 6 = 86). So your maximum weight is 86kg.

Shall be in 3 phases:

  1. Front back and side quarter turns in line up
  2. Individual posing routine not exceeding 90 seconds
  3. Standard comparison poses

Competitors own music will be used at the judging and/or show however nothing derogortive or offensive will be played this is down to organisers desgression any problem with music on the day replacement music will be played

There will be adequate changing facilities at the venue

Competitors may only enter one category per show.

All age classes will be required to provide proof of age via passport or driving licence

Any competitors acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will be asked to leave

Only IBFA judges shall affiliate unless otherwise invited

Rules apply to male and female competitors unless otherwise stated

Novices must NOT have previously placed in the first 3 placing a in any area contests or won any open contests

A first timer must never have competed before – this will be strictly upheld

This discipline allows the judges to to assess individual competitor. Time allocation can change and alter, the most important criteria is what is stated on compulsory poses& quarter turns.

Competitors should strive to achieve their best possibly performance.
These compulsory poses are:

  • Front lat spread
  • Rear lat spread
  • Most muscular
  • Double biceps front
  • Side chest
  • Side triceps
  • Rear double bicep showing calf
  • Abdominals and thighs

The total package should display an athletic amount of development presenting a balanced and symmetrical developed figure presenting poise and grace. Over muscularity and vascularity will be considered not acceptable for this class and the desgression will lie with the head judge if he deems the contestant out of the constraints of this class and give them the opportunity to entry the female physique class

Presentation will consist of the competitors showing poise posture and confidence whilst performing quarter turns – the judges are looking for a semi tensed look and a total package followed by any 1 favourite pose at front left side back and finally right side. Each competitor will then perform an individual posing routine no longer than 90 seconds maximum

Shoes must be worn in comparisons.

The definition of this category is to show athletic and feminine development. Whilst keeping a female appearance.

Symmetry and balance needed, showing equal balance in muscular development and muscle definition in both the top and bottom half of the body. Stage presence and overall presentation of the competitors physique is important. Poise, confidence, tan, suit selection and execution of quarter turns will be taken into consideration.

Compulsory poses are:

  • Front lat spread
  • Rear lat spread
  • Most muscular
  • Double biceps front
  • Side chest
  • Side triceps
  • Rear double bicep showing calf
  • Abdominals and thighs

The Ladies Categories are aimed at women, who are keeping their body in shape by eating healthy and keeping fit. Muscular definition is not allowed, but body tone and a healthy overall physical appearance is essential. Balance of the upper and lower body is important and the face and hair will also be taken in to consideration.

Mr pennine do not permit crossover to Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness and/or Fitness categories.


The attire for the Bikini category will be a two piece suit.

Competitors can compete in an off-the-rack two-piece suit.

  • All two-piece suits must be in good taste.
  • Any colour and/or pattern is allowed and will be the competitors own choice.
  • The bottom part of the suit must be V-shaped. Thongs are strictly prohibited.
  • High heel shoes must be worn, but platform soles are not permitted. The colour and style will be the competitors own choice.
  • Competitors may wear jewellery


The athlete is expected to have a natural and healthy looking tan.

Height Classes

At National level there will be 1 Open Category, for the time being. The Executive Committee may, at their discretion, decide to add more height classes as needed.


The competitor will walk on stage alone and perform their T-Walk.

The T-Walk consists of the following:

  • The competitor will walk to the centre of the stage. Stop and do a Front Stance
  •  She will perform a full turn to face the rear of the stage and do a Back Stance
  •  She will perform a full turn to the front again and face the Judges as directed
  •  She will then walk to one side of the stage to perform a Front and Back Stance and then to the other side of the stage to perform a Front Stance and Back Stance
  •  The competitor will take her place in the line-up as instructed by the stage marshal/director.

Comparison Round

The stage director will call the competitors out in groups of 5 and they will perform a full Front and Back Stance.

Judges will then have the opportunity to compare competitors 3-5 at a time to do Front Stance and Back Stance only. (No side stances permitted).


The PRESENTATION and COMPARISON ROUND will be judged as one (1) Round.

Judges will be scoring the competitors using the following criteria:

  • Balance and shape

Overall physical appearance including:

  • Complexion
  • Skin tone
  • Poise
  • Overall presentation